About Us


About Me:

Thanks for visiting my website. I am an assistant professor and publications adviser at Murray State University in Murray, Kentucky. 

My interest in trauma journalism began when I attended a trauma journalism for educators conference at the University of Missouri sponsored by The Reynolds Journalism Institute, The University of Missouri's Disaster and Community Crisis Center and the Dart Center for Journalism & Trauma. I learned just how important this topic is and changed my dissertation topic to trauma journalism. I spent the next two years reading and researching how we could best educate collegiate journalists to cover and cope with traumatic events. 

As part of my dissertation and my Tow-Knight Disruptive Educators Fellowship, I have interviewed dozens of journalists and people who have dealt with journalists during traumatic times. As a result, I created this website which includes an outline for a trauma journalism course and unit that any educator could tailor and implement at their institution. 

My hope is that our students never have to cover another school shooting, nightclub shooting, concert shooting, terrorist attack or any other traumatic event. However, the reality is they will and it is our job as educators to prepare them for it. 

I hope you enjoy the material on this site. I welcome feedback and suggestions.